First Light Family Space

Jun 1, 2019 - Dec 31, 2019


Light-Themed Artmaking Activities
First Light Family Space is located in the Hamilton Building, level 3. Included with general admission (free for kids and free for members).
Step into the shining world of the new First Light Family Space and try hands-on activities inspired by the exhibition, The Light Show.

Trace a Shadow
Spot the critters, pinecones, and leaves in the tree and trace their unique shadows on paper.

Make a Mirror
Make your own wearable mirror. Choose from animal and pattern stencils—inspired by the motifs on bronze Chinese mirrors—to create a unique design.

Play with Patterns
Get inspired by lamps and lights that shine with interesting patterns. Combine the tiles on the light tower to create shadowy designs on the wall.

Create a Colorful City
Experiment with the translucency of colorful blocks and other creative materials, and discover how opaque objects create shadows. Place the objects onto a special projector to create imaginative cityscapes.