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Fishers Peak and Trinidad

Sep 30, 2021


Take a lava-formed tabletop mountain, add 19,200 acres of old-growth forest and prairie grasses (largely set aside and little used for many decades), and you’ve got a recipe for a new state park. Rising as an icon above Trinidad, Fishers Peak was long inaccessible to the citizens who lived below it, as it was on private land. A consortium of individuals, state agencies and national organizations, including the Trust for Public Land and the Nature Conservancy, has worked to change that situation. Today, Fishers Peak is the state’s newest park. Its development will take years, but it’s open to the public and offers unseen and untrammeled paths for us to explore! Beneath its silhouette, the city of Trinidad has much to offer itself.

We'll explore the city to learn of its dynamic history and modern remaking. So, put on your virtual hiking boots and let’s hit the sidewalks of Trinidad and the trails of Fishers Peak State Park!

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