From Meadow to Tree Line

7/29/2018, 8/12/2018, 8/26/2018, 9/9/2018

Whether you’re gazing skyward through conifer branches or peering down into valleys below, Rocky Mountain National Park is a beautiful and curious place.  Often when visiting the mountains, we allow ourselves to be swept up by the high country and forget the interesting things occurring throughout the meadows and forests all around.

In From Meadow to Tree Line, join our naturalist-guide on a 14-passenger mini-bus or 12-passenger van as we revel in the low elevations of Rocky Mountain National Park. We will spend the morning in the park’s most distinctive and breathtaking locations - Alluvial Fan, Many Parks Curve, Moraine Park, and more - learning about the little things that make this region so fascinating. Come explore the forests and meadows as we discuss the cultural and natural history of Rocky Mountain National Park.