GABF Week: Barrel Aged Beer Night

Oct 4, 2017

Great American Beer Festival is here and as usual the town is full of great brews and beer drinkers. Perfect time to take advantage of the week, pull out some stuff that we don't see all that often and celebrate all things beer.

Wednesday October 4th we're going to kick off our festivities by going big. Barrel aged big that is and we'll be tapping a host of barrel aged offerings including kegs from...

Fremont Brewing
Jackie O's Brewpub & Public House
Half Acre Beer Company
Crux Fermentation Project
La Cumbre Brewing Co.
Against The Grain Brewery

and quite possible a few more. Final beer list still to come, Breweries and beers have been known to change last minute during such a hectic week, but early returns are great!