AB Variation:

Game of Thrones Burlesque Variety Tribute

May 16, 2019


The characters and ideas of the Land of the Seven Kingdoms will grace The Clocktower Cabaret stage for the final time to bid farewell to your most beloved television world.

Will you bend the knee to the Mother of Dragons or fight alongside the King of the North? Will you forever be loyal to Cersei or are you choosing to fight for the living? Or will you save the day by holding the door (am I the only one still crying)? With the final episode of the Game of Thrones series nearing, please join our expanded cast as they use burlesque, drag, aerial, and more to pay tribute to the show that captivated a nation. Seats are assigned based on the order in which you purchase, so don’t wait! Get your tickets now. Sit back, have some drinks, and enjoy as these talented performers bring your favorite television show to life for the very last time!