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Gathering at the River

Aug 31, 2019


Start off your long weekend with a sweet ritual at the river to cleanse/release emotions that might be weighing you down, and replace them with positive and uplifting prayers and intentions.

After gathering in a group at 9am, we will walk purposefully together to a quiet spot near the river. There each participant will have a chance to release what they're ready to let go of in their own time and space, and then pray, give thanks together and enjoy the river.

We encourage you to bring a stone or any other object from nature that represents what you'd like to release.

This is a family-friendly event, children are welcome to join us.

Please meet at 9am in the circular stone building visible from the Little Park parking lot. The path we'll follow joins Lair o' the Bear Trail along the Bear Creek river. We meet at this out-of-the-way spot to make sure that all participants can easily find parking and locate the group.