Grandparents are Great Program Series: Gift-Giving

Dec 6, 2020


The relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren is so special. Spending time with our families can bring us joy, wisdom, and give us new perspectives on life. Join us for this new program designed just for grandparents or great-grandparents and their grandchildren ages 4-8. Inspired by the artwork in The Late Works: Clyfford Still in Maryland, this program will provide opportunities for grandparents and grandchildren to connect with each other, talk about and make art, and create memories. This monthly program will feature a new theme each session, so join us again and again!

December's program will explore the theme of gift-giving. In 1978, Clyfford Still gifted a painting, PH-1090, to his wife for Christmas. What gifts do you share with your family? Hunt for holiday spirit while exploring the artwork, create your own art to share as a gift, and connect with family.

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