Great Adaptations

5/23/2018, 6/5/2018, 6/12/2018

With more than 50% of all films in release over the last century having been adapted from books, the journey that a creative property takes from page to screen is a unique and complicated one. In order to be a truly great adaptation how close must you follow the original material and how much can you stray and take off from the beaten path? Characters, timelines, locations, endings, everything is up for interpretation and those changes can be met with either chagrin or celebration.

We're taking five different films, each considered one of the best adaptations of its source material and diving in to see what each did to set themselves apart. From the wild and abstract Adaptation. to the snappy The Thin Man, the shocking Manchurian Candidate, the expansive Blade Runner and the vivid and terrifying It.