Green Box Arts Festival: ArkDesk Conversation with Green Box Arts Camp

Jul 7, 2017

The Green Box Arts Festival Children’s Program provides during and after school and summer arts, science, and performance classes and experiences to the children and youth in the Ute Pass area.

This multidisciplinary, multi-agency approach systematically promotes the arts, development of thinking and journaling, dance, performance, music instruction, and arts and sciences integration.

Join program participants from Cohort One as they discuss their deeper learning experiences through the development of leadership through mentorship.

Existing sixth Grade Mountain Academy for Arts and sciences students will join their Manitou Springs High School’s MAP (Manitou Abound Program) cohorts to discuss their science and arts in the American Southwest experiences through travel opportunities and collaborative science and arts exploration.

Additionally, Cohort Two students from the existing after school Arts 14 program, serving ages 5-12 in afterschool and summer, will showcase on-site arts, performance, and music skills learned during the Green Box Arts Camp.