Green Box Arts Festival: ArtDesk Conversation with Bruce Munro

Jul 1, 2017

World-renowned light installation artist Bruce Munro will lead an ArtDesk Conversation with fellow art enthusiasts about his process and inspiration for his artwork and installations.

For 30 years Munro has studied the arts and infused influences from music, literature and science into his installations.

Seen all over the world, Munro’s Field of Light installation will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its conception.

This massive celebration of light and natural landscape will feature 3,000 light stands representing the terrain of the Red Desert in central Australia and will be featured at Flagpole Park.

Only its second time to debut in the United States, Munro’s Teepees features interactive light combinations that flash so quickly the naked eye will never see the full tepee lit up.

Drawing inspiration from the American west, these large fluorescent light tubes formed into tepees are a dynamic and must-see experience at Mountain Road Corner!