Green Box Arts Festival: Houston METdance Evening Performance

Jul 7, 2017

Attendees will be amazed and moved by the meaningful performances created for the Green Box Arts Festival.

Based in Houston, Texas, METdance’s passionate performers and choreographers (Robert Battle, Camille A. Brown, Larry Keigwin) come from a range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and instill the company’s work with a complete spectrum of emotionality and physicality.

From comedy and humor to poignant and dramatic, from fierce athleticism to detailed minimalism, METdance is committed to presenting works that speak to every audience member regardless of their background, age, gender, or experience with dance.

METdance will have Green Box Arts audiences leaping to their feet with powerhouse performances, delightful dancing, and alluring stage presence.

METdance brings to Green Mountain Falls its “UNITED IN DANCE!” performance. Featuring four works assembled by some of the most active and accomplished choreographers of this generation, “UNITED IN DANCE!” will take you on a thrilling journey filled with poignant emotion, humorous vignettes, and fierce athleticism.

You won’t want to miss seeing this extraordinary company make their mark in the high altitude!