Gypsy Flamenco Fire

Apr 7, 2018

Gypsy Flamenco Fire with René Heredia and his Flamenco Fantasy Dance Theatre brings the heart and soul of Spanish gypsy flamenco to the Hampden Hall stage, complete with colorful costumes, castanets, stomping feet and fiery passion.

Before he plays a single note, Maestro Heredia gives a brief history of the origin of each song or dance about to be performed. Dancers then interpret these tales with a blend of light, graceful arm movements, syncopated hand-clapping, powerful, synchronized foot work and individual flare.

Comprised of Denvers best dancers and award-winning guitarist, Artistic Director, and Godfather of Flamenco Maestro René Heredia, their performances convey the mystery, emotion and soul of authentic gypsy flamenco.

Be prepared for an evening of passion, power, music and dance! Olé!