Feb 27, 2018 - Apr 1, 2018

Hamilton the Musical

There is nothing as refreshing as sitting down to an exciting musical. A great musical leads you on a path towards self-discovery and accessing the emotions you rarely experience. Based on the life of one of the greatest figures in American history; American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, Hamilton the Musical is an incredible musical that will definitely keep you captivated and entertained throughout the show. The musical takes you back in history to the era of the Founding Fathers letting you learn about the history of the great nation and the vices and values on which it was built.

Due to the incredible talent and the characteristic details displayed in the show, the show has achieved total success both critically and on the Box Office. With the book, lyrics and music done by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the show was largely inspired by Alexander Hamilton’s biography as done by the historian Ron Chernow. The show that has for a while remained popular among musical enthusiasts made its debut Off-Broadway in February of 2015 at the Public Theater. It is also around here that its engagement got sold out. Hamilton the musical was then transferred in August 2015 to Broadway at the Richard Rodgers Theater.

The musical commences on act one with a summary of Alexander Hamilton’s early life. It gives a brief coverage of his orphaned life in the Caribbean. Born in the West Indies and out of wedlock after his father abandoned the family at a pretty young age, Hamilton became an orphan after his mother died when he was 12. He pushed his way into the American colonies by the time he was 19 and became a committed activist for American independence.

The first act covers a lot about his involvement in the revolution and fight for American independence including seeking out Aaron Burr, bonding with revolutionaries John Laurens, Hercules Mulligan and Marquis de Lafayette. The act also covers King George III’s message telling the colonists that he had the ability and the willingness to fight for them to submit to him. With the revolution in motion, Hamilton and his colleagues become part of the continental army. General George Washington realized that in order for him to be triumphant, he needed help. He offered Hamilton the Right Hand Man position which he accepted despite the fact that he would have loved a command and to fight alongside the forces.