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Hawaiian Quilts and Amish & Mennonite Quilts

Apr 30, 2019 - Jul 20, 2019


The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum welcomes spring with an exhibit celebrating artistry and tradition within quilting communities. On display from April 22 through July 20, Hawaiian Quilts from the Hite Collection and Amish and Mennonite Quilts from the RMQM Collection will allow visitors to experience diverse styles of quilting from two unique communities. Despite their differences, these quilters have something vital in common. All employ design practices deeply rooted in their local culture, and quilts made in these communities are created with love and spiritual energy. The artistry in these quilts is stunning. In a display of 38 quilts spread across two galleries, nearly all the work is done by hand.

In the main gallery, Hawaiian quilts fill the space with their larger than life presence. These gorgeous hand appliqued quilts convey feelings of love and the spirit of aloha. Get lost in the lush, floral designs of these pieces. Also on display are four Hawaiian Flag quilts. These rare pieces are some of the oldest on display and were created to showcase the pride of this small island chain.

In the small gallery, Amish and Mennonite quilts give the space a warm glow with a mix of dark tones and bright pops of color. These quilts are understated in their design and detail, just as the quilters who made them intended. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see so many diverse quilts all in one place!

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