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Historic Hotels of Colorado

Jul 29, 2021


The art of traveling has changed a lot over the years. The welcome sight of a hotel sign, the thrill of settling in after a long day of driving ... these things have remained unchanged. The hotels themselves, however, have changed a lot. Long before the ubiquity of Holiday Inns and Best Westerns, hotels were more local and unique. Some were grand affairs, some more understated, but for these gems, they were almost always memorable.

Join us for a look at some of the historic hotels of Colorado. Some are still standing, and many have been lost. Names like Stanley, Baldpate, Windsor, Delaware, Strater and Jerome may march by our appreciating eye. Though the tour will see you go no farther than your computer, you may well be tempted to pack a bag immediately afterward and hit the road for one of Colorado's historic hotels!

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