Historic People & Places: Estes Park, the Estes Valley & RMNP

Jul 7, 2018

Learn the history of the Town of Estes Park, the Estes Valley, and Rocky Mountain National Park, all of which share a common ecosystem and an interrelated history. Following a brief overview using historic photographs, we will travel to Bond Park in downtown Estes Park where we will talk about the platting and early development of “the Village.” From there, we will visit the site of the Joel Estes-Griff Evans ranch on Lower Fish Creek, the sites of the Earl of Durnraven’s Estes Park Hotel and Horace Ferguson’s Highlands Hotel. Entering Rocky Mountain National Park, we will visit the site of the 1915 Dedication, the site of Fall River Lodge, and the site of the cabins where convicts spent the winter of 1913 while beginning construction of Old Fall River Road up and over the Continental Divide.

The day will conclude with a visit to the site of Horsehoe Inn in Horseshoe Park, the site of Sprague’s/Stead’s Ranch in Moraine Park, and the site of the Hondius Ranch in Upper Beaver Meadows.