Holy Air - Best of DFF40

Jan 26, 2018

In this Israeli comedy written and directed by star Shady Srour, Adam is a Christian Arab living in Nazareth with his beautiful feminist wife Lamia. His perpetual attempts at entrepreneurship have so far ended in failure after failure—but between a gravely ill father and a baby on the way, he decides for his family’s sake to roll the dice on one more bright idea.

Adam takes glass vials to a sacred hillsite, seals them and plans to sell them to tourists as “holy air.” First, however, he has to convince the city’s Catholic church officials, Muslim gangsters and Jewish politicos that his product is marketable—and that they’ll have a hand in the profits, too. He also has to convince himself: even as his idea gains traction, Adam must decide if he truly believes in it—or if it’s just a lot of hot air.