Hug Huddle

Mar 26, 2018

On March 26, the public in Denver and London are invited to join in British artist Stuart Semple’s “Hug Huddle” to share a simultaneous moment of connection. Semple, whose artwork “Happy City: Art for the People” is launching in Denver on May 18, will lead the hug in London at Potters Fields Park, with the Denver Theatre District initiating the Denver-based hug at The Galleria at the Denver Performing Arts Complex (1400 Curtis St.) at 10:30 a.m.

Staged concurrently in London and Denver, the “Hug Huddle” is a spontaneous artwork that takes the form of a public invitation to hug. For this work, Semple invites strangers to choose a person (or persons) at random for a hug. The “Hug Huddle” is a statement of empathy and togetherness, and holds poignancy in a world that is increasingly divided. Everyone is welcome to show up and participate. Both cities will have a live feed of “Hug Huddle” as it takes place, and the feeds will be available online.