In the Shadow of Surrealism from Cuba to Paris

Mar 4, 2020


Often dubbed “the surrealist sculptor par excellence,” Cuban artist Agustín Cárdenas (1927-2001) participated in the surrealist group’s activities, most notably their international exhibitions, both in Paris and abroad during the postwar period.

Having enjoyed early recognition in Cuba before relocating to the French capital in 1955, Cárdenas’s five-decade career gained momentum at a moment when the surrealist movement was waning, however.

While the trajectory of his reception intersects with Surrealism, Cárdenas’s nuanced, complex sculptural and graphic output eludes static, finite categorization.

Susan L. Power has lectured and published internationally on the reception and dissemination of surrealism in North America as well as artist-designed strategies of display, from surrealist exhibitions to contemporary interventions in institutional and commercial settings.

Doors open at 5:30 pm.

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