Inclusion and the Outdoors: A Practical Guide to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for your Organization

Jan 26, 2018

It is imperative that we realize the outdoor industry is built on and upheld by dominant white ideology and a history of colonization. People of color have been erased from the outdoor landscape, creating an exclusive, unsafe environment that is not reflective of our communities. Any outdoor recreation or conservation organization with a long-term vision should recognize integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion is vital to their vision, mission, and success. This 90-minute workshop hosted by Next 100 Coalition members will introduce the Next 100 Coalition, whose mission is to establish a just and inclusive national parks and public lands system, and provide a framework to support organizations and companies in exploring and understanding equity and inclusion. The workshop will provide tools that organizations can use today, tomorrow, and longer term to establish a foundation for an inclusive culture. While the Next 100 Coalition is primarily focused on racial and ethnic diversity, this workshop will also present on the intersections of other marginalized identities.

Open to Outdoor Retailer attendees and the public.