Aug 24, 2017 - Nov 16, 2017

As a musician and artist, it is easy to see where these two worlds collide in my artwork. As a full time graphic designer, precision and accuracy is important. As a musician, expression and movement are also key.

Stylistically, in my work I aim to balance elements of art deco with contemporary techniques. Before computers, graphic designers were skilled artisans who hand crafted letters, forms and perfectly straight lines. It is in this practice of hand-craft that I aim to keep alive in my work.

Much of my work is inspired by poster-work of the 1920's-1950's. These advertisements often sold a luxurious lifestyle of operas, piano recitals, and ball room dancing. In my series, "One Positive Thing" I have re-appropriated this style to sell something that actually costs nothing: optimism. These posters are advertisements where the product for sell is not a product, but an attitude. Through my artwork, both the series and the individual pieces, I explore how these styles can be updated, modernized and made contemporary again.