It's A Beautiful Day in This Neighborhood Burlesque Show

Apr 13, 2019


“It’s A Beautiful Day in This Neighborhood” is a burlesque show that pays homage to your favorite shows from the Public Broadcast Service.

Following 2018’s wildly successful Disney-themed burlesque production series “The Wonderful World of Burlesque,” Polka Dottie is teaming up with Blah Blah Black Sheep to show you why “It’s A Beautiful Day in THIS Neighborhood.” Combining the art of burlesque with immersive theatre, this one-night-only experience will celebrate your favorite public television station and it’s most beloved programming. From naughty Bob Ross paintings to the raunchiest stories found in Reading Rainbow, expect your childhood to be ruined in the most delightful way possible. So put on your visitor’s badge, button up your cardigan, and poise your finger above the call button, because this telethon is about to get started.

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