Jean-Luc Davis “Tomorrow, Today”

Mar 23, 2019


From Jean-Luc:
“This is my first recording as a band leader and it features arrangements of the angsty 90’s Alt-Rock songs that were an important part of my teenage years. As an adolescent learning how to play Jazz in high school band I was also listening to groups like Nine Inch Nails and the Smashing Pumpkins. In my circle of friends it seemed a person had to choose between the path of worshiping the broody rock stars on MTV or being a Jazz ‘cool kid’ who freaked out about the latest Coltrane reissue. I eventually embraced Jazz because Denver’s vibrant Jazz community embraced me–but I’ve always loved the rock bands I listened to as a teen. It is in the spirit of this love that I humbly present this collection of arrangements and original compositions.”
Bassist Jean-Luc Davis is an active performer in the Denver area. In addition to leading his own group, Jean-Luc is a member of the Aakash Mittal Quartet, Carmen Sandim Sextet, Andy Hackbarth Band, Adam Revell and Essence Rider, and the Matt Fuller Group. Additionally, Jean-Luc has performed with Ron Miles, 9th and Lincoln Orchestra, Art Lande, Greg Harris, and Amir ElSaffar.

A Colorado native, Jean-Luc Davis began playing bass in high school and was a student in the inaugural session of the Colorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts (CCJA) where he studied with Paul Romaine, Greg Gisbert, John Gunther, and Eric Gunnison. In recent years he has become a regular teacher for CCJA. Jean-Luc studied classical bass performance at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Currently, Jean-Luc Davis is one of the most in demand bassists in the Denver Metro Area and works with a handful of private students.

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