Jefferson Humanists Chapter Meeting

Oct 25, 2020


The next generation in the United States is more secular and social justice-oriented than previous generations. Kevin will share the mindset of millennials and Generation Z, what the Secular Student Alliance is doing across the county, the current tactics of conservative religious campus ministries, and what local secular groups can do to encourage and engage the new people.
Kevin Bolling is the executive director of the Secular Student Alliance, serving since 2017. Kevin brings with him 20 years of nonprofit leadership experience. His career has included over 10 years of student association management and on-campus program development from Los Angeles to Boston. For 10 years, Kevin served as the Executive Director of the California Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Foundation, a charitable trust serving the healthcare needs of the industries’ largely immigrant workforce. Kevin worked in higher education administration in student services and leadership for over 15 years.

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