Jews Do 'Who Knew?' - Musicians you didn't know were Jewish!

Feb 9, 2019


The folks who put together the hugely popular "Jews Do Jews" concerts are back for another musical romp, this time honoring musicians and songwriters you probably didn't know were Jewish. From Lenny Kravitz (Jewish father!) to KISS (two Jews!) to Linda Eastman (married a Beatle!), you can expect an evening of great songs from some surprising sources. The all-star cast includes Rabbi Joe Black, Carla Sciaky, Katie Glassman, Greg Schochet, Liat, David Ross, Hal Aqua and The Lost Tribe, Steve Brodsky, Julie Geller, Francesca Rubin, Rabbi Jamie Arnold, Kolby Dahary, Allan Cutler, Rabbi Jack Gabriel, Eve Ilsen, Sheldon Sands, and many more.