Jul 7, 2017 - Jul 7, 2017

Alejandro Jodorowsky is either a genius or a madman, or probably both. He was dubbed "the father of the midnight movie" in 1970 with his film El Topo, attracting the admiration of John Lennon and Dennis Hopper. After creating the psychosexual/theological/gender-bending/gnostic masterpiece The Holy Mountain in 1973 he (and the movies) disappeared for many years. The films were passed around on dubbed and re-dubbed video tapes throughout the 1980s and the underground was ready to receive Santa Sangre with open arms (or no arms!) in 1989. It shocked and horrified people all over again with circus freaks and occult pop culture. Many many years later, in 2013, he created The Dance of Reality - a metaphoric autobiography of his childhood, beautifully filmed in his home town of Tocopilla, Chile. It's as telling as it is confusing, as we try to figure out what is really in his past and what is in his imagination. Either way, it includes amputees, little people and a wide array of animals and freaks, as in his earlier films. These showings will lead to the release of his new film Endless Poetry, which is the next chapter of his colorful and bizarre self-referencing portrayals. Viva Jodorowsky!

[Suggested prerequisite: Jodorowsky's Dune - A truly fascinating documentary from 2013 about him never making a film adaptation of Frank Herbert's Dune in the 1970s! A vivid peek into the brilliant mind and lofty imagination of the filmmaker.]