Jon Booth with NighWatch

Mar 27, 2020


From the soulful Stax and MoTown records to american folk standards to Francisco Tarrega (romantic period, classical, spanish guitarist) to The Rat Pack, and the swing era, Jon E. Boothe has been fascinated with all types of music since a young age. Growing up around the industry, he took notice of his aunt and uncle's music abilities and the hard work that came along with perusing a career in music. He would watch and learn from many great artists and bands that inspired him, especially, and mostly, from his aunt and uncle.
His love for words and music would eventually would lead him to become a songwriter.

He now is a prominent and hard-working songwriter/singer/musician with a successful band: Jon E. Boothe and The NightWatch. Although, he says his goals aren't "to be famous", but rather to be the best he can be. In his words: "I don't just want to make a living, I want to make a life for me and my family out of what talent that has been given to me. I don't strive to become famous."

Special live performance on Friday March 27 at 9 PM.

Free Entry | All Ages

Reservations are encouraged. call 303.623.0856 or go on line.

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