Dynamic Variation:

Jonathan Butler

Sep 24, 2021


"The unique talent of Butler is that he is equally at home as an R&B crooner as well as a guitar extraordinaire with his sweet yet stylistic instrumentals." - MainlyPiano.com

Ever since boyhood, Butler has been using his gifts of song, composition, and instrumentation to communicate the messages of his soul. Butler, an acclaimed guitarist and vocalist, has used music as a springboard from that boyhood in which he shared a three-bedroom shack with his parents, 12 siblings, and another 13 nieces and nephews while growing up in South Africa. Known for his crossover blend of R&B, pop-jazz fusion, and worship music, he remains a captivating and powerful performer, pouring his heart into selections from his immense catalogue. His soaring, gritty but beautiful voice transports listeners to deeper realms both emotionally and spiritually. Butler’s latest album is Close To You was inspired by the songbook of Hal David and Burt Bacharach.