Kashmir Concerto: Orchestral Led Zeppelin, World Music & Dance

Feb 2, 2019


Kashmir Concerto: Orchestral Led Zeppelin, Modern Dance, Rock Music & World Music from Five Continents

This one-of-a-kind concert experience brings together pianist Chappell Kingsland, instrumental rock band Electric Athena, operatic and pop vocalists, Kim Robards Dance, and the Wild Beautiful Orchestra for a celebration of music from the whole world. Great songs by U2, Stevie Wonder, and The Beatles are heard alongside Brazilian pop and Pakistani folk songs. Kingsland’s original compositions for orchestra grapple with the complexity of American history and evoke the vibrancy of West African life. The concert culminates in the world premiere of the Kashmir Concerto for piano and orchestra based on music by Led Zeppelin (and incorporating Kashmiri folk music.) Get your tickets today!