Kathryn Radakovich Sings Nina Simone

1/18/2019, 1/25/2019


An incredible talent with a fiery spirit, a brilliant compositional mind and a haunting voice, Nina Simone was an iconic American artist. With a career that spanned over three decades, Ms. Simone was not only a highly regarded jazz musician, but also a civil rights activist and a voice for many who had none. She created songs that brought storms of controversy as well as adoration, and she rearranged the works of others to fit her own musical identity. By her own admission she was no saint, but her work was always honest and brave. Nina's legacy is colossal - her musical ideas and social commentary are both incredibly relevant in 2019. Denver jazz vocalist Kathryn Radakovich will be exploring Nina's work over the course of this three show series with superb trio supporting her work. Voice: Kathryn Radakovich, Piano: Scott Martin, Bass: Drew Morell, Drums: Ed Breazeale

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