Kay Galvan & Janine Thornton present: Liminal Space

Apr 16, 2021 - May 2, 2021


Liminal Space features the work of Kay Galvan’s Maya and Janine Thornton’s Totems

About Maya:
Maya is an illusion or appearance of a phenomenal world. A world of objects and persons does appear to us not only daily, but in each moment. Even then, it is changing, never the same, never solid. Because the world of appearances is different for me than it is for you, I know I create my world and that it has no bounds. While considering this, the piece Maya flashed into my mental space.
About Totems:
In Totems, I combine fiber and sculptural materials to create forms that examine my spiritual relationships in the world. Through my work, I experiment with various ways to express interconnectivity: between each other, between humans and the Earth, and between the physical and spiritual. Boundaries between the different constructs blur as threads of influence cross between the constructs and in turn, cause them to affect each other in many ways.

Private viewings available by appointment only.


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