KGNU Movie Night Fundraiser: Pirate RADIO at Alamo Drafthouse

Jun 30, 2018

Celebrate 40 years of independent community radio with KGNU at Alamo Drafthouse Sloans Lake in Denver for a Movie night!

Pirate Radio will be screened on June 30th at 8pm to support KGNU, and in addition to this screening, KGNU DJs will be spinning in BarFly from 7pm to midnight. DJs include: Erin Stereo Joel Davis (TerraSonic), and DJ Deeprawk Dave

All proceeds from the screening benefit KGNU. The film will be preceded by a short documentary about the station.

Tickets for the screening:

'Broadcasting live 24/7 from an old tanker anchored in the middle of the North Sea (just beyond British jurisdiction), Radio Rock sends out a vibrant and unifying signal to millions across the nation, ranging in age from wide-eyed pre-teens secretly tuning in long past their bedtimes to everyday people in need of a musical pick-me-up.

As the ship sails on and rocks out, what Carl (Tom Sturridge) and the freewheeling, free-loving Radio Rock gang don’t know is that back in London, landlocked government minister Dormandy (Kenneth Branagh) has embarked on a vehement crusade to silence their signal – permanently. To stay afloat and keep their devoted audience plugged in, the crew will have to band together and trust in the power of music like never before.'