Light in All Darkness: Images and Icons from William Hart McNichols

Sep 20, 2018 - Jan 6, 2019


Heralded by Time magazine "as among the most famous creators of Christian iconic imagery in the world," Father William Hart McNichols creates paintings inspired by a centuries-old tradition, masterfully brought to the present through a thoughtful selection of subjects. Father McNichols not only honors a holy person or event, but he also represents symbolic individuals from various religious and lay backgrounds, figures from popular culture, and people well-known for making an impact in social justice causes. Neither the icons nor the saints represented in his works are meant to be worshipped, but rather are seen as a "window" into the heavenly realm. The beauty of these images will call you to learn about each icon's inspiring story.

This exhibition is hosted at the McNichols Civic Center Building whose family namesake has a long history in Denver. Father William Hart McNichols is the son of Colorado Governor Stephen L.R. McNichols. The McNichols Civic Center Building celebrates the contributions of the McNichols family, including Denver Mayor William H. McNichols, Jr. and City Auditor of the City and County of Denver William Henry McNichols.