Listen - a virtual experience

Jul 13, 2020 - Jan 3, 2021


"Human life depends on the stories we tell."
~Jack Zipes, The Cultural Evolution of Storytelling and Fairy Tales, 2012

"Listen" brings discovery and intrigue to McNichols Civic Center Building website through a virtual experience. Originally designed as a classic telephone booth transformed into a listening station, participants can listen to authentic stories recorded from often voiceless and invisible members of our community.

The first series of stories is told by men who spent 20 + years in prison. The men shared intimate and brutally honest stories about their childhoods, crimes, surviving prison and attempting to create 'normal' lives after their return to society.

As a sociologist and ex-counselor, creator Maureen Hearty has heard many stories of perseverance and defeat. These stories taught her that all people are worthy of respect, and capable of insightful life philosophies that teach us about empathy and gratitude, no matter who they are and what they've done. She aimed to bring these unseen people and their unheard stories, that are full of perspective-bending experiences, into the common realm of the people's history, to encourage empathy for others while enlightening our own self-awareness.