Live Bait

May 28, 2017

Comedian Dē Kelley will be setting the HaHa tone at a high level on this Saturday night! Mr Kelley is known for his very relateable comedy.
Tairee Dillard will be perfroming for the first time at Live Bait we are excited to have this young up and coming comedian who has already made his way to killing it at the Denver Improv.

Tim Coleman is going to give us that haha about the silly things that happen on the daily in this crazy life!
ShaNae Ross One of 52Eighty Entertainment favorite comedians, she is a regular at Denver Comedy works and can be seen all around Denver perfoming. ShaNae is a Definate do not miss.

Anthony Armstrong this Chicago native is surely to catch everyone off gueard with his hilarious personality. Anthony is a regular at comedy works and the the Denver Improv. Anthony as recently taken his HaHa on the road and has been performing in places like Las Vegas, Detroit, Wyoming, and Houston.

Drink Specials will be $3.50 IPA, $4 Peach Press, and 6 PBJ
$3 Door