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Looking Forward/Looking Back

Mar 19, 2021 - Sep 19, 2021


Celebrate Historic Denver's 50th anniversary of preserving the places that matter at its first save – the Molly Brown House Museum! Looking Forward/Looking Back relives the early days as Historic Denver began restoring the home of the "Unsinkable" Margaret Brown, and the beginnings of the Molly Brown House Museum, which for the first time allowed the public to enter Mrs. Brown's Denver residence and learn about the mark she left on the world.

Experience Looking Forward/Looking Back to learn about the work undertaken to restore each room of the house, find the treasures that tell the Brown family story, meet the founders of Historic Denver who worked hard to make the Museum a reality, and walk away inspired by Historic Denver's grassroots efforts to tell the full and diverse story of those who shaped Denver just as Margaret Brown did one hundred years ago.