Love is Love - Denver

Jul 29, 2018

Our groundbreaking tour will continue changing lives and connecting people for a second year in a row. This tour started off with the premise of allowing creators to share their stories with their fans, who may be going through similar experiences.

The audience was able to unite with one another in a welcoming environment and connect like never before. People who might have come alone, left with new friends and an unbreakable bond with the cast. There were so many amazing responses from fans and parents alike about the positive energy that Love is Love had- we just had to bring it back!

Love Is Love is here to prove that love is stronger than fear, hate, and adversity. We're excited to announce Ally Hills, Louie's Life, Jackson Krecioch & Larray as our 2018 cast of the Love Is Love Tour! These four creators will encourage their audience to have fun, embrace one another, and put love first.