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Lumonics Immersed



A Multi-Sensory Experience to Refresh your Body, Mind, and Spirit

"Learn the true meaning of Lumonics when the temple of light art by the late Dorothy and Mel Tanner throws a special immersive evening combining art with special effects, original music and video by Dorothy Tanner and longtime collaborator Mark Billard. An audiovisual mantra meant to soothe the mind and expand awareness, this drug-free trip through Lumonics is unforgettable."
- Westword

"If the idea of sitting in a space looking at light and color is what attracted you to immersive van Gogh, we have a local alternative for you."
- Maggie Donahue, Denverite

View a short video about it:

For more information/tickets:
or call 303.568.9406 or

Unless conditions with Covid improve, we ask everyone attending to be vaccinated, and masks are optional.
Special performances can be arranged for private groups

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