México en el Corazón

Aug 21, 2019


The Colorado Symphony Association in partnership with the Mexican Cultural Center, Alliance Sports Association, and Museo de las Americas are thrilled to announce the return of México en el Corazón in Boettcher Concert Hall this August!

Join us for an interactive performance that will bring the heart and soul of Mexico directly to you in Colorado! This show presents authentic Mexican culture, song, dance and folklore performed by México en el Corazón - which features a thirteen piece band and over a dozen dancers with singers as well! The dissemination of these artistic expressions allows for a greater approach to Mexico's traditions and generates greater identification among Mexican migrants, while reinforcing community recognition of the great contribution and presence Mexican art and culture has in the United States.

Iniciativa que trae desde México a la comunidad mexicana, méxico-americana y al público estadounidense en general, un espectáculo de gran calidad el cual presenta lo más representativo de la música, bailables y canciones de nuestro folclor.