Make/Shift Mondays Presents: (de)composition

Jul 17, 2017 - Aug 7, 2017

(de)composition seeks to: deconstruct the idea of a musical "concert" with a participatory event that involves contemporary art music, poetry, improvisation, and dance. The distinctions between composer, performer, and audience member will be dissolved. Participants are encouraged to walk around and observe the performance from any angle desired, to enjoy the art on the gallery walls, or to grab a beer.

This 2017 series has brought delightful engagement to a very diverse crowd. Join the performers for the last installment of the series on Monday, August 7th, at 6:00 pm at Redline (2350 Arapahoe St). Admission is free, but a donation (that goes directly to Redline and the performers) is gladly accepted.

Featured composers for this final salon include: Clay Allen, Reggie Berg, and Shawna Wolf. Additional performers include: Eve Orenstein, Joe Engel, Olivia Dwyer, Sean Patrick Faling, and Cristin Colvin.