Marine Terroir Wine Party

Jun 27, 2018

Event Description: Picture an evening filled with award-winning Cakebread wines and a diverse array of fresh seafood dishes. With each sip and bite, guests will have the chance to explore the tastes of terroir and the influence that soil, water, climate and other environmental factors have on creating distinct flavors – not only in wine, but also in seafood. Cakebread Cellars’ Director of National Sales and Marketing, Katie Griesbeck, will be in attendance to share knowledge of the wines and pairings. And the Ocean Prime chefs will guide diners through the vast world of oysters, shellfish, fish and more.

RSVP: For more information and to RSVP, please call 303-825-3663 and specify the Cakebread Marine Terroir event or ask for Erika Clum or Jeff Karbula.