Meeting With the Goddess

Apr 23, 2021 - Jun 19, 2021


Meeting the Goddess: A Group Exhibition

From April 23rd - June 19th

Who or what is the Goddess? Is she a divine being? A psychological archetype like the Maiden, the Mother, or the Crone? Do you see her in everyday women, in the moon, the stars, or in Mother Earth? This show asks the artist directly about their own intimate encounters with the divine feminine within themselves or throughout the world as we know it. Is it a tale from collective mythology or a much more personal encounter? Who is the wild goddess that speaks to the artist and why? The possibilities are as limitless as the soul. During times of change and overwhelming nihilism and despair where have you been invited to meet with the celestial or meld with the Earth Mother? Where is the bridge between heaven and earth?

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