Memento Viviere

Jan 30, 2021 - Feb 27, 2021


Abend Gallery presents Yana Beylinson's first solo exhibition "Memento Viviere" online Jan 30 - Feb 27

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Abend Gallery is pleased to present Yana Beylinson's first solo exhibition entitled Memento Viviere, translating from the Latin to "Remember to Live." The exhibition title is the antithesis to the phrase, Memento Mori, a common theme in the still life paintings of the Dutch Golden Age. Beylinson's exhibition features a dozen still-life paintings of flowers that follow the artist's updated visual language to the Dutch Golden Age.

Along with color, awareness of the present moment is the central point of Beylinson's work. Each brushstroke is imbued with mindfulness. It is a slow and deliberate process, an intersection of control and letting go. Using a palette of intense modern pigments, Beylinson takes time mixing mounds of the precise chroma and value for each decisive stroke. She lays down the strokes similarly to a Shodo artist performance. It is an accretion of mindful strokes, each different and existing in its own right. She makes a point not to edit and prettify the paintings. The strokes eventually merge into a unified whole, a recognizable phenomenon. But it is the stroke that is the main character.

In the painting Yellow Box (2020), Beylinson was fascinated by the light cascading through the plants and lighting up a yellow storage crate. There is divinity in this golden light that used to light up the Dutch Golden Age's intricate goblets, and that lights up storage crates, Pottery Barn glasses, and the jars of facial cream now.

In Vanitas (2020), Beylinson reflects on making a 17th Century Dutch still life contemporary. Each object has a meaning in the composition: human vanity, desire for communication, and opulence. The light is the main character as it filters through the glass vessels, reflects on paper, and lights up the flowers in their impermanent glory. The light shimmers, bringing the visible phenomena in and out of focus. The message is not "Remember Death." It is "Remember to Live."

Beylinson lives and works in New York, NY. Mostly self-taught, Beylinson has studied at Baruch College, School of Visual Arts, and New York Academy of Art. Beylinson has been featured in notable group exhibitions such as Painting the Figure Now II at the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art (Wausau, WI), Healing Nature at the Cape Cod Museum of Art (Dennis, MA), Brush and Burden at the Burden Museum and Gardens (Baton Rouge, LA) and most recently at the 30th Annual Holiday Miniatures Show at Abend Gallery (Denver, CO). In 2018, Beylinson created a public installation at the Hong Kong Galleria (Hong Kong). She has also collaborated with major brands such as Wyndham Hotels, Crabtree & Evelyn, National Geographic, and many others.