Mile High Spirits Bartender's Brawl

Mar 27, 2018

10 of Denver’s top bartenders will have battled their way for a spot in our live cocktail competition. They’ll showcase their talents on stage to the community through the creation of inspired cocktails while competing for a $1,000 grand prize. This live event will consist of 2 rounds.

Round 1: Each bartender will be tasked with creating and presenting their original Mile High Spirits recipe submission to a panel of judges and the audience. The top 3 contestants will move on to Round 2.

Round 2: The 3 remaining contestants will be tasked with creating an original recipe based on the ingredients supplied to them within a mystery basket.

The crowned champion will be master of their craft. Someone who has extensive knowledge of their ingredients (especially Mile High Spirits) and who knows how to artfully craft a well-balanced, yet bold cocktail. They are a bartender who knows service, guest experience and presentation are as valuable as the cocktail in the glass.

So come cheer on your favorite bartenders, taste their creations, and see who is crowned champion! Who will you be rooting for?

*21+ to enter