Monochromatic Reflectionism Art Show

Feb 26, 2019 - Mar 23, 2019


Monochromatic Reflectionism showcase by the painter Phillip Anthony is featured now through the month of March at Fascination St. Fine Art. Meet the artist Phillip Anthony ~ Friday, March 15th: 5-8pm and Saturday, March 16th: 11am - 4pm and watch him paint live!

Enjoy and Phillip Anthony explores his inspiration of intentionally removing the color from a painting to allow a person to connect with imagery by using their own memories. As described by Phillip “No two people experience a Monochromatic Reflection painting the same unless it evokes a shared memory”. As a memory is recalled each viewer projects the colors from their personal experience, which creates their own unique connection to the painting. Stop in and find your favorite piece!

All purchased artworks can get a show dedication by Phillip Anthony. Contact the gallery for more information, review the collection online or to RSVP at 303-333-1566 or

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