Mo'Print Steamroller Print Event

Apr 21, 2018

This is a great opportunity for students, artists and the community to come together in a cooperative event to celebrate the art of printmaking as artists get their over-sized woodblocks inked and printed under the drum of a 2-ton steamroller.

Alternate date in case of severe weather: Saturday, April 28th.

Here’s how to participate (or just come and enjoy the spectacle). You can carve a block on your own or work with a friend. MDF or wood boards must be ¾” thick with a minimum size of 3’ x 3’ up to 3’ x 8’. Your block may be cut to a shape or stay with the tried-and-true rectangle (shapes actually print better). Please seal boards with either shellac or polyurethane at least 24 hours in advance.
The fee is $25 and is non-refundable. This includes inking, paper and ONE print of your block. 
Register by April 15, 2018. Sign up to participate in the Steam Roller Event by going to