Moruchi Mawashi

8/4/2018, 8/5/2018

Language of show: Marathi (India)

Enjoy live, Marathi comedy show, "Moruchi Mawashi" on Aug 4th and 5th, one show each day. Not available in cinema halls or on YouTube/Netflix; you must come in-person to the theather to enjoy it being performed live on stage.

Plot Summary:

Set in the post-Independence era when various sansthans (princely states) of India were being demolished, the play deals with three college friends Moru, Bhaiyya and Bandya. Moru and Bhaiyya rent a bungalow. Moru's aunt (Mawashi), the queen of Kanda Sansthan, is visiting. Moru and Bhaiyya invite their girlfriends. At the last minute, aunt's visit is cancelled and Bandya, who plays a female part for a local theater group is coaxed into becoming Moru's aunt. What follows is a fun-filled drama with Bhaiyya's uncle and the girls' uncle proposing to Mawashi, the arrival of the real Mawashi and her niece who happens to be Bandya's girlfriend.

Duration: 3 hours

Dates and showtimes:
- Saturday, Aug 4th, 1:00 PM
- Sunday, Aug 5th, 12:00 PM

Language of show: Marathi (India). Live stage actors speaking non-English language (Marathi). Closed Captioning not available.