Mountain Lion: RMNP's Top Predator

Aug 18, 2018

This two-day event focuses on Colorado’s top predator, mountain lion (Puma concolor). Experienced mountain lion researchers will lecture on mountain lion ecology, ongoing research, human-mountain lion interaction, and community stewardship of our wildlife resources. It is arranged to include equal portions of indoor time and time in mountain lion habitat.

Morning presentations and lectures indoors are followed by hands-on instruction in the field, including demonstrations of research methods, tools, and data collection. In addition to an ecological overview of the species, students will receive practical instruction on how to “read” the signs left by mountain lions. They will learn also about mountain lion safety, the latest research techniques, key management issues, and how communities across the West are becoming involved. After participating, individuals will be better equipped to understand the role of mountain lion in western ecosystems, including its relationship with the people and communities of the Front Range.