Murder at the Drive-In

Oct 22, 2020 - Oct 31, 2020


Celebrate Halloween Inside a Horror Movie with ‘Murder at the Drive-In’

Stay in your car — We’ll bring the horror to you

In this new, immersive entertainment experience, The Shining Light Drive-In hosts a special Halloween screening of the best bad horror movies of all time. But, a series of questionable decisions sabotage the event, throwing the management, employees, and audience into the middle of a supernaturally charged horror show filled with murder, masked killers, and classic horror film tropes.

“Murder at the Drive-In” is an original horror-comedy from Audacious Theatre designed to bring pandemic-proof fun to Halloween in Denver. Audience members will remain in their cars while the story unfolds over the radio, on the movie screen, and with socially-distanced, masked performers killing and being killed all around them. Audience members can even choose to park in “murder spots” where their cars will finish the night thoroughly decorated with (washable) blood.

Presented in partnership with Edgewater Public Market, Audacious Theatre is inviting audience members to arrive early, wear your costumes, go shopping, and get refreshments from your choice of over a dozen local vendors in the Food Hall. “Murder at the Drive-In” is an opportunity to enjoy Halloween 2020, while supporting small, local businesses most impacted by the pandemic.

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