National Western Invitational Ranch Rodeo

Jan 6, 2018

What is a Ranch Rodeo? Ranch rodeos consist of teams of cowboys or cowgirls from different ranches competing against each other in events that mimic their everyday work on the ranch.

Ranch rodeos differ from the more common “Pro Rodeo” in several ways. For starters, the contestants are not professional rodeo cowboys — they usually are full-time ranch hands who compete in ranch rodeos for fun or bragging rights. Also, the events in ranch rodeos are similar to the tasks commonly performed on a ranch, and the equipment and tack used are the same as those used during everyday ranch life. And finally, instead of competing as individuals, the contestants in ranch rodeos compete as a team representing the ranch they work for.
National Western’s Ranch Rodeo consists of 8 teams competing in four events: Sorting, Double Mugging, Cut & Brand and Wild Cow Milking.